AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor Deluxe

AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor Deluxe

The Angelcare AC401 Deluxe 2-in-1 baby monitor watches over your baby when you can’t, detecting all of their movements and sounds, even the most subtle breathing movements. With 2 Parent Units it offers multi-room usage and optimal flexibility.

All Angelcare Baby Monitors sold through our websites or through any of our trade partners/retailers (like Amazon, Mothercare, Boots, etc) are models specifically designed and developed for the UK and Ireland. These baby monitors should NOT be exported to, or used in other countries than the UK and/or Ireland (except for holidays). If exported, used or sold to another country this will invalidate the 1 year manufacturer's warranty and no after sales service can be provided.

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AC401 Deluxe - Features & Benefits

It’s tough being a parent. You can’t help but worry about your baby every minute of every day, even when your baby is sleeping soundly. But we can help remove some of that concern with the Angelcare AC401 Deluxe baby monitor. This 2-in-1 monitor detects sound and movement, so if your baby is still for 20 seconds, you’ll be alerted. And that’s just one of many great monitoring features. You’ll find the sound quality is crystal clear, and it also comes with a rechargeable mobile Parent Unit. In fact, everything you could possibly need to enjoy the experience of parenthood.

Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad
The Sensor Pad monitors all your baby’s movements, even the slightest of movements. An alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds. Features variable sensitivity settings.

2 x Portable rechargeable Parent Units
Clip the small portable Parent Unit to your belt and monitor your baby on the go.Battery unit lasts for up to 8 hours, when fully charged. 2 Parent Units offer multi-room usage and optimal flexibility.

Crystal clear transmission
Enjoy crystal clear sound transmission and security with the unique combination of 8 channels and 2 frequencies.

Out of range indicator
With a 250m range, you can go further without losing touch. Alarm sounds if connectivity is broken.

Volume control & vibration alert
Adjust the sound levels to suit you and monitor your baby even with the sound off.

Temperature display and control
Monitors and shows the temperature in the baby’s room with the temperature indicator on the Parent Unit. Alarm sounds if the temperature is too high or low.

Full colour digital display
The colour LCD screen on the Parent Unit clearly displays a number of monitoring features, so even if the sound is off you’ll know what’s going on.

Audio ‘tic’ feature
The optional ‘tic’ sound feature reassures you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently.

Batteries or mains operated
In case of power failure the monitor reverts to batteries automatically.

The halo on the Nursery Unit acts as a soothing nightlight and allows you to check your baby with minimal disruption.

Hold & Mute
If, for example, you need to feed or change your baby the sound and movement alarm can be temporarily deactivated.

Voice activated sound monitoring
The sound transmission between the Nursery Unit and Parent Unit is automatically activated when the Nursery Unit detects a low level of sound, e.g. soft crying.
To save power, the sound transmission will turn itself OFF when no sound is detected after approx. 10 seconds. The sound transmission will turn itself back ON again as soon as sound is being detected in the baby’s room.


Please note; monitoring of premature baby or babies considered to be at risk, should be carried out only under the supervision of a Doctor or Health Professional. This monitor should NOT be used as a medical device, nor as a device to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

AC401 Deluxe - What is Included?

- 2 x Parent Units
- 1 x Nursery Unit
- 1 x Under-the-mattress SensorPad
- 2 x Charging Cradle
- 3 x AC Adaptors
- 8 x AAA rechargeable batteries (for Parent Units)
- 1 x Instructions Manual

What else do you need?

- 4 x AAA standard batteries (for Nursery Unit)

AC401 Deluxe - FAQ

Q Can the Sensor Pad and movement function be used with any type of mattress?
A Yes, the Sensor Pad and movement function can be used with any type of baby or children’s mattress, whatever the size or thickness. However, it cannot be used with memory foam mattresses or mattresses with a hollow frame. The sensitivity of the Sensor Pad can also be adjusted to suit your mattress. Please refer to the instructions for correct installation.

Q I am concerned that other baby monitors can pick up our conversations, can this happen with Angelcare monitors?
A Angelcare Baby Monitors have 8 channels and 2 frequencies, providing sufficient combinations to guarantee optimal security and privacy.

Q Can the Sensor Pad be used in a moses basket?
A We do not recommend that movement monitors are used in moses baskets or travel cots.

Q Can I use this baby monitor as a sound only monitor?
A Yes, it’s very easy to switch the baby monitor to sound only.

Q I am expecting twins, can I use a movement monitor?
A Yes, but your babies need to be in separate beds and you need two separate movement monitors. The perfect combination is an Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor AC401, and an Angelcare Movement Only Monitor AC300.

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